1. On January 16, 2021, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima facilitated the return of 48 Indonesian crew members from Peru. These crew members have worked 2 – 2.5 years on the Chinese flag “He Bei 8599, 8598, 8590 and Lu Rong Yuan Yu 168” ships.
  2. Prior to repatriation, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima met the crew members at the open house belonging to maritime agent Maritima Oceanica S.A.C. During the meeting, the crew were grateful for their help to return and conveyed complaints about the situation on the ship where they worked, such as the very poor quality of food and drinks. However, they stated that they were generally treated well and the salaries were relatively smooth.
  3. ​The facilitation provided by the Indonesian Embassy in Lima includes:​
    • ​​​Describe the health protocol during the return journey at the airport, airplane, or when arriving in Indonesia, as well as information on emergency numbers that can be contacted during transit;​
    • Ensure that the crew members are provided with masks and face shields when they return home;
    • Coordinate with parties in Indonesia so that the crew members can arrive at their respective homes safely;
    • Assisting with the settlement of their unpaid rights. In this case, with the assistance of the Indonesian Embassy in Lima, there are 9 Indonesian crew members who receive their rights the day before returning home for around 1200 USD per person.
Source : Indonesian Embaasy in Lima
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