78 Participants from Peru Pass Indonesian Language Class for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) Semester I of the Indonesian Embassy in Lima

On June 25, 2021, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima held the Closing Ceremony of the First Semester BIPA Class which was opened by the Indonesian Ambassador to Lima, Ms. Marina Estella Anwar Bey and attended by representatives from Municipalidad de Lima (Lima City Government), Indonesian language teachers and participants BIPA class. 78 participants who were Peruvians were declared to have passed at the closing ceremony of the BIPA class. For 3 months, the BIPA class participants, apart from studying Indonesian, were also introduced to Indonesian culture by the BIPA class teachers.

For the first time Class BIPA collaborated with the City Government of Lima, so that the reach of participants became wider. In this BIPA class, apart from being taught Indonesian, participants are also taught to cook Indonesian cuisine and get to know Indonesian culture. The Indonesian Embassy in Lima also involved Darmasiswa scholarship alumni, Fiorella Santa Maria as one of the teaching staff for the BIPA class.

In her remarks, the Indonesian Ambassador in Lima said that language is the gateway to getting to know a nation. Thus, through the Language Class for Foreign Speakers, it is hoped that participants can see the similarities between Indonesia and Peru and become ambassadors who can strengthen Indonesia-Peru relations.

Meanwhile, representatives from the Lima City Government also gave a speech, Mr. Christopher Zecevich – Manager of Education and Sports who expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Mayor of Lima and hopes that the cooperation between Municipalidad de Lima and the Indonesian Embassy in Lima will continue. The last speech was delivered by Mrs. Betty Coronado Diaz who expressed her gratitude for the strong cooperation which was not limited to Indonesian language classes but also other activities such as cooking classes organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Lima together with Municipalidad de Lima.

At the Closing Ceremony, the best participants from each class were also announced, namely Sebastian Torres (Class A1), Jerson Obando (Class A1) and Renzo Aguirre (Class A2). The best participants were then given the opportunity to deliver speeches in Indonesian. The three participants expressed their joy in learning Indonesian language and culture and hoped that one day they would be able to visit Indonesia.

Given the great enthusiasm of the Peruvian people to learn Indonesian, which was seen during the registration for the 600th Semester I BIPA Class, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima will hold the 2nd Semester BIPA Class which is planned to start in September. With the great interest of the Peruvian people, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima will also add teaching staff from Darmasiswa alumni to accommodate a larger number of BIPA class participants.

Source : Indonesia​n Embassy  in Lima​

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