​In the context of promoting Indonesian cuisine in accredited countries, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima again held a cooking class with the City Government of Lima. The virtual cooking class on November 30, 2021 is the third time that the Indonesian Embassy in Lima has promoted Indonesian cuisine to the Peruvian people. Different from the previous cooking class, which featured Indonesian cuisine which was relatively easy to cook, this time the Indonesian Embassy in Lima presented a complete set menu consisting of fried fish and sambal dabu – dabu, vegetable cah spinach toge, bakwan jagung (corn bakwan) and es teler, the ingredients of which are easy to prepare and found in Peru.

“Fish is the main source of protein in Manado because it is located on the coast, then corn bakwan is a typical menu of North Sulawesi because North Sulawesi is one of the largest corn producers in Indonesia,” said the Implementing Function of Social and Cultural Education, Arvin H. S. Pokatong, in his speech.

The Indonesian Embassy in Lima presents two Indonesian Chefs who are currently in Peru, namely Patricia Eman and Agung Saputro. Both of them taught how to cook and answered questions from the participants in this cooking class. In the question and answer session, one of the participants revealed the similarities between Indonesian cuisine and Peruvian cuisine which uses corn in some of its specialties. He also revealed that sambal dabu – dabu is the same as salsa found in Peru and other Latin American countries but salsa does not use chili like dabu – dabu.

​At the end of the cooking class, a representative from the City Government of Lima, Mrs. Betty Coronado, said that a cooking class like this is very good for facilitating cultural exchanges and strengthening people to people contact between Indonesia and Peru.

Source : Indonesian Embassy in Lima

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