​Although far from the homeland, the splendor of Indonesia’s independence was felt in the city of Lima, Peru. From 6 to 17 August 2021 the Indonesian Embassy in Lima held various activities to welcome the Independence Day of our beloved country. From Sports Day, Virtual Competitions, Joint Prayers, Distribution of Logistics Aid and finally the Flag-Raising Ceremony was carried out to enliven the commemoration of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day even though it was still in a pandemic situation.

On August 6, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima held a Sports Day. Even though the city of Lima is in winter, all participants are enthusiastic about participating in various activities, including Physical Health Gymnastics (SKJ) and Aerobics, Table Tennis, Gaple and Darts. Not only that, the children who attended also enjoyed the Marbles Race and Cup Toss.

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima held a number of virtual competitions so that Indonesian citizens could participate in the festivities of Independence even from their respective homes. These virtual competitions include Indonesian Cooking Video Contest, Independence Day Photo Contest and Children’s Drawing Contest.

Seeing the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia which is still concerning, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima took the initiative to hold a Joint Prayer on August 14, 2021. The joint prayer invited Ustad Fahmi Zubir Zakaria – Imam of the IMAAM Center Mosque in Washington DC and Father Christiputra – Nuestra Senora del Carmen Parish Five who pray that the Covid-19 pandemic will soon be removed from Mother Earth and all efforts made by the government, health workers and the general public in dealing with Covid-19 can be successful. In this activity, participants were invited to sing national songs such as Seduction for Kelapa Island and Tanah Air, the event closed with a group photo where all participants were asked to hold the words #IndonesiaTangguh #IndonesiaTumbuh which is the theme of this year’s RI Anniversary.

The Indonesian Embassy in Lima has also distributed logistical assistance to around 100 vulnerable Indonesians, especially the crew members whose ships are docked at Peruvian ports. This assistance was given in view of the pandemic situation which adversely affected the livelihoods of Indonesian citizens residing in Peru and Bolivia.

The highlight of this whole series of activities is the Flag-Raising Ceremony which will be held on August 17, 2021 in the courtyard of the Indonesian Embassy in Lima. The ceremony went smoothly and solemnly and was attended by the staff and spouse of the Indonesian Embassy in Lima wearing national clothes, a few limited invitations from Indonesian citizens and diaspora, and broadcast online to the Indonesian people in Peru and Bolivia via the media zoom. Also attending were Friends of Indonesia, namely the Indonesian language class teacher for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) and two BIPA participants at the Indonesian Embassy in Lima.

The celebration of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day was complemented by the event of Dredge Tumpeng and the cutting of the Indonesian Anniversary Cake by the Indonesian Ambassador in Lima. Furthermore, the friendly event was filled with lunch together and colored with singing and dancing from the people who were present. Friends of Indonesia who were present were also invited to watch the Flag-Raising Ceremony at the State Palace and were very impressed with the traditional clothes worn by the President of Indonesia and all participants in the ceremony.

The splendor of independence was also broadcast by a radio station in Peru, Radio Filarmonia which held a special program for the Indonesian Independence Day which broadcast the remarks of the Indonesian Ambassador in Lima to all Indonesian people in accredited countries and played a variety of traditional Indonesian music.

Source : Indonesia Embassy in Lima

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