Lima – In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima remains passionate about promoting Indonesia in Peru, one way is to hold a cooking class to introduce Indonesian cuisine to the Peruvian people. This cooking class will take place on April 13, 2021 in virtual collaboration with the Municipality of Lima (Government of the City of Lima) with a menu of dishes from Bakwan and Chicken Satay. The event was attended by more than 70 inhabitants of Lima, both housewives, students, private sector, etc.
For the Government of the City of Lima, this cooking class is part of the goal of empowering the people of the city who are financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The menus shown, Bakwan and Chicken Satay, were chosen because the ingredients are relatively cheap and easy. Finding them and how to make them is not difficult, participants can easily practice the menu.
At this event, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima introduced Ms. Ningrum Kusuma, an Indonesian diaspora who taught cooking methods and answered questions from the participants of the cooking class. Participants seemed very excited to participate in the presentation and actively asked about the recipe and how to cook Bakwan and Chicken Satay. One of the participants was even impatient and immediately practiced how to do bakwan, which was shown to the other participants.
Seeing the considerable enthusiasm, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima in collaboration with the Municipality of Lima plans to hold cooking classes again in July and November 2021, according to the cooperation agreement signed between the Indonesian Embassy in Lima and the Municipality of Lima, Since 2019 the Indonesian Embassy in Lima has a promotion program. Indonesia in the form of Indonesian language classes, tourism and cultural promotions and by 2021 cooking classes.
Source : indonesian Embassy in Lima
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