Lima, Peru: In commemoration of the 53rd Anniversary of ASEAN on 8 August 2020 in Lima, Peru, the ASEAN Committee in Lima, which consists of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, delivered a total of 150 donation boxes to families Peru hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The aid containing food ingredients and masks is a form of solidarity from ASEAN countries in Lima to the Peruvian people who are experiencing distress due to the pandemic. “While living in Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, felt the hardships and sadness felt by the Peruvian people due to the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore as a good friend of Peru, we would like to provide a little help to ease the burden on families experiencing distress¨, said Ambassador Marina Estella Anwar Bey, Indonesian Ambassador in Lima to Peru and Bolivia, who currently serves as chairman of the ASEAN Committee in Lima.

The aid was handed over to the Office of the First Lady of Peru who will work with the Peruvian Government Agency to distribute the aid to needy families. In his remarks, the Director of the Office of the First Lady of Peru, Claudia Guevara, expressed her gratitude to the ASEAN Committee in Lima. “This assistance is not only a symbol of brotherhood from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, but is a concrete action that has greatly helped 150 families in Peru who are experiencing poverty due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Claudia.

The donation ceremony which was held at the 53rd ASEAN Anniversary ceremony at the Indonesian Ambassador’s House in Lima was attended by Ambassadors from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru and Ambassadors from friendly countries such as Australia and South Korea. With very strict health protocols, the event also featured carvings and antiques originating from all three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The ASEAN Committee also prepared special foods from the three countries which were neatly wrapped for the invited guests.

The ASEAN Committee in Lima, which was founded in 2012, is an ASEAN entity in Lima that actively promotes ASEAN in the Latin American region, especially Peru. With three members, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, the ASEAN Committee has organized various activities such as meetings with government officials and business associations, as well as visits to Peruvian factories or companies.

In the framework of the 2020 ASEAN Anniversary, the ASEAN Committee also collaborated with the National University of San Marcos to hold a seminar to promote ASEAN in Peru by inviting speakers, Dr. Tang Siew Mun, Director of Politics and Security, ASEAN Secretariat, on August 5, 2020. The ASEAN Committee also opened the ASEAN Corner which contains books about ASEAN and 10 member countries in the main library of the National University of San Marcos in 2019.

¨ Every region, including ASEAN has gone through many challenges over time. However, we must continue to strive and be strongly committed to working together in facing the challenges ahead ¨, concluded Ambassador Estella. (Source: Indonesian Embassy in Lima)​

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