​Indonesia and Bolivia have excellent economic and political relations since the opening of diplomatic relations in 1965, said the Indonesian Ambassador to Peru and Bolivia, Marina Estella Anwar Bey, at the Economic Development and Business Opportunities in Indonesia seminar organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Lima in collaboration with Fexpo Cruz Bolivia, in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on September 20, 2021.

In terms of economy, both countries have great opportunities to increase the value of trade and investment, but the biggest challenge is the lack of people-to-people contact between the two countries. With the Covid pandemic and technological advances, distance is no longer a problem to connect entrepreneurs in the two countries. In this regard, the Indonesian Ambassador invited business people in Bolivia to attend the Indonesia – Latin America and Caribbean Business Forum which will be held in a hybrid and virtual manner in Jakarta, 14 – 15 October 2021. In addition, Bolivian entrepreneurs, both importers and exporters, have the opportunity to market and search for products through the ina-access.com platform created by the Government of Indonesia as a forum to promote export and import products from Indonesian companies and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This got a pretty good response from Bolivian businessmen. During the seminar, the Director General of Export Promotion, Trade and Investment Agreements, Fernando Calderon, and the General Manager of Fexpo Cruz, Raul Strauss, conveyed a good response from the government and the private sector to the business opportunities that can be done with Indonesia. In the seminar, the participants were generally importers of products such as vehicle batteries, mechanical products, iron, machinery, etc.

Furthermore, the Vice President of Fexpo Cruz, Fausto Alvarez, said that in the near future Bolivia will develop a biodiesel policy so that his party wants to learn from Indonesia about oil palm plantations and biodiesel production. It is hoped that in 2022, his party will be able to make a visit to Indonesia to learn more about the plan.

In addition to the seminar, the Indonesian Ambassador also held a meeting with the President of IBCE (Instituto Boliviano Comercio Externo), Demetrio Henicke, and invited the President of IBCE and his members to attend the INALAC 2021 Business Forum activities virtually and use the ina-access.com platform to promote products and search for products. . It was explained that this platform is free and can be a good platform for Bolivian entrepreneurs who want to explore business with Indonesian companies.

The Indonesian Ambassador also visited the warehouse of a Bolivian import company, Siles Importaciones, which has been importing Indonesian soap products for 8 (eight) years. Indonesian soap products have good quality so they are in great demand in the Bolivian market. The products exported are 75 gram bar soap and 15 – 25 gram hotel soap. The company is currently experiencing problems due to the high price of cargo shipping due to the Covid pandemic. It is expected that in 2022 cargo shipping prices will return to normal.

Source: Indonesian Embassy in Lima

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