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Lima, Peru: Thank you Indonesia! The participants said as they concluded the “Study in Indonesia” webinar organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Lima on July 24, 2020 at 18:00 to 19:30 Peru time. The activity with the theme Estudia en Indonesia or studying in Indonesia received a great response from many Peruvian and Bolivian participants. This is shown from the various questions raised regarding the requirements and selection process for scholarships.
The webinar, which was broadcast via zoom and live Facebook, was attended by approximately 140 participants who were students of the Indonesian Embassy’s virtual class program in Lima and students from various universities in Peru and Bolivia such as San Marcos University, Katolika University, Pacifico University, Ricardo Palma University, and others. In accordance with the theme of the webinar, “Studying in Indonesia”, 3 (three) keynote speakers were presented, Marco Polo Paniagua, Lucia Power, and Deborath Merino Otoya who were alumni of Darmasiswa scholarships at three well-known Indonesian universities namely Gajah Mada University, Semarang State University, and STP Trisakti.
Not only telling the learning process in class, the alumni also shared other interesting stories such as participation in local dance classes, pencak silat, cooking, and batik, and trips to tourist objects in Indonesia such as Prambanan Temple, Borobudur Temple, beaches and diving arenas in Lombok, Bali and others. This adds to the attractiveness of the Darmasiswa scholarship program for webinar participants.
In addition to scholarship alumni, the webinar also featured two other speakers namely Peruvian diplomat, Matias Zanella, from professionals who participated in diplomatic training programs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Ministry of Education and Training in 2019 and Peruvian student, Kelly Quispe, who was a speaker in the Bali Democracy Students Conference program in 2019. In the discussion, both explained the views in the political sphere in Indonesia that included issues of democracy, tolerance and prospective Indonesian economy and its opportunities with Peru.
The Indonesian Embassy in Lima actively strives to attract Peruvian and Bolivian students to apply for Darmasiswa scholarships and other international activities in Indonesia, considering that compared to other countries in the Latin American region, the number of participants from Peru and Bolivia is still very small, said the Ambassador of Indonesia in Lima, Marina Estella Anwar Bey in its opening. It is hoped that this webinar activity can attract more and more participants from Peru and Bolivia, concluded the Ambassador. (Source: Indonesian Embassy in Lima)
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