1. During December 2020 the Indonesian Embassy in Lima has been and is still helping to repatriate 98 Indonesian crew members to Indonesia via Peru. The repatriation is divided into 4 waves.

2. The first wave of repatriation was carried out on December 5, 2020, where 21 Indonesian crew members with problems working on the ships Corsario I, Pescamaro Uno, and Pescamaro Seis have now arrived safely in Indonesia. They were sent home via the Lima – Sao Paulo – Doha – Jakarta route. Previously, the 21 crew members had been accommodated for 3 months, since September 2020 by the Indonesian Embassy in Lima, because the owner of the ship where they worked admitted that they had financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the crew had not received a salary and return ticket.

3. The second batch of repatriation is planned to be carried out on December 11, totaling 26 crew members by flight via Lima-Madrid-Doha-Jakarta. The third batch was on 15 December as many as 34 crew members via Lima-Amsterdam-Jakarta, and the fourth batch, namely on 16 December, as many as 15 crew members via Lima-Amsterdam-Jakarta. For the repatriation of waves two, three, four are Indonesian crew members who work on Chinese-flagged fish and squid fishing vessels whose contracts have expired.

4. “The repatriation of the first batch of 21 Indonesian crew members is funded by the Indonesian government, while the repatriation of the second, third, and fourth batch of 75 people is independent repatriation where the costs of repatriation are borne by the owner of the ship where the crew work,” said the Indonesian Ambassador to Peru, Marina Estella Anwar Bey .

5. “Regarding the repatriation of crew members, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima has provided assistance in the form of shelter, provision of logistics, covid-19 PCR tests, masks and face shields, coordination with Peruvian agents and authorities, cover letters, travel documents, passports, etc.” continued Estella, who is also the Indonesian Ambassador to Bolivia.

6. Until now, there are still 2 Indonesian crew members who are accommodated by the Indonesian Embassy in Lima because they are positive for Covid-19, it is hoped that in the near future they will be healthy and can return to Indonesia. “During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima will continue to assist the return of troubled Indonesians in Peru,” concluded Ambassador Estella.

Source: Indonesian Embassy in Lima​​

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