In an effort to support Indonesian MSMEs entering the Peruvian market, on June 22, 2021 the Indonesian Embassy in Lima collaborated with the Export School to hold a Webinar on the Potential of the Indonesian Product Export Market in Peru. The webinar was attended by 90 MSMEs and moderated by the Export School Mentor, exporter Titan Sabtian. Appearing as the main speaker, the Indonesian Ambassador to Lima, Marina Estella Anwar Bey, who presented the paper on Export Opportunities and Potentials to Peru, bilateral trade relations between Indonesia and Peru, and the conditions that entrepreneurs must meet to enter the Peruvian market.

In her presentation, the Indonesian Ambassador to Lima explained that the trade profile of Indonesia and Peru currently shows great opportunities for Indonesian SMEs products such as shortening, coconut sugar, palm oil, coconut milk, flavorings, etc.; Spices: Cloves, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Chili Powder, Pepper, Vanilla, etc. The Indonesian Embassy in Lima made various efforts to support the marketing of Indonesian products in Peru, among others by participating in Peruvian exhibitions such as Expoalimentaria (in the food and beverage sector), Expotextil (in the textile sector), Perumoda (garments), and Cosmo Beauty (beauty exhibition).

The participants, the majority of whom were SMEs entrepreneurs, showed high enthusiasm for the export market opportunities in Peru. Several entrepreneurs conveyed their products that have the potential to enter the Peruvian market such as laundry soap powder and bars, coco sugar (powdered palm sugar), spices, handicrafts, home decor in the form of table and room lamp accessories, coconut products and coconut derivatives. , honey, cassava products and their derivatives (including cassava chips).

At the end of the presentation, Ambassador Estella emphasized that the Indonesian Embassy in Lima was ready to support Indonesian SMEs to enter the Peruvian market. As a follow-up to the webinar, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima will facilitate several SMEs entrepreneurs to participate in the largest food and beverage exhibition in Peru, namely the Virtual Expoalimentaria which will be held around October 2021. In addition, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima will also promote SMEs entrepreneurs who are not engaged in the food and beverage sector. in an effort to implement the matching business which will be carried out by the Indonesian Embassy in Lima and will begin in July 2021.

Source : Indonesian Embassy in Lima

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